R&D Partners

NIBIO-Norwegian institute of Bioeconomy research

Microalgae Cancer Research

The Alice Group – NIBIO co-operation is focused on finding new agents that inhibit cancer growth but also on the microalgae’s ability to prevent metastasis by inhibiting invasion of cancer cells into nearby tissue.

NIBIO hold expertise in algae cultivation including the use of stress mechanisms as a tool, as well as cancer biology and methods for discovery of new anti-cancer substances. The scientists have extensive international networks in both algae and cancer research communities

The basis of bioeconomy is the utilisation and management of marine and terrestrial biological resources. NIBIO is to become the leading national centre for the development of knowledge within the field of bioeconomy.

Approximately 700 employees are present in all parts of the country. The main office is located at Ås in Akershus, just outside Oslo.

NIBIO is owned by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food as an administrative agency with special authorization and its own supervisory board.




Medical agreement and joint R&D product development cancer with CODI M

“Codi-M” is a KOSDAQ (Korea Securities Dealers Automated Quotation) listed, publicly traded company with a market cap over USD 150mil, and its focus areas are manufacturing equipment of semiconductor/display panels and bio-healthcare products.

The company is investing heavily on bio-healthcare sector in order to pursue IT-BT convergence which we name it as “Bio Platform Business”. Innovative pipelines for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases are being constantly reviewed and funded by us.

The company lead and support principal investigators to accelerate development process by leveraging extensive virtual R&D network. At the same time, we always seek for opportunities to make strategic alliance with world class partners to maximize business potential.